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Angela Saunders now!

Angela Saunders now

Welcome to the media page.
Normally one would not talk
about what one has done
for fear of sounding proud,
arrogant, egotistic,
full of oneself. However,
that is what this page is all
about. Here I present just a
few of the articles that have
been written about me.
Hope you find them interesting.

Enjoy . .

This is me, starting off after my divorce

This is me, starting off after my divorce

My story begins when I found myself a single mum. I sold up my house and bought a small 6 bed letting house which I slowly built up over 8 years into a 28 bed licensed hotel. At the same time, I also studied as a mature student for five years whilst bringing up my own son. Yes, I was quite busy!

I emerged from the first five years with a degree in Psychology and a Masters in Occupational Psychology. I then designed and ran courses from my hotel and the media article above relates to one that examined the Psychological reasons for being overweight and how to deal with the life problems and emotional issues that contributed towards the condition. All the participants gained from the experience and some made big changes in their lives.


Here, the media journalist was talking about the struggles that I had faced in order to get to the point of running a successful hotel, carving a career for myself and bringing up a talented child single handed.

When talking about the characteristics that it takes to overcome hardship and turn things around, I stated that in my opinion the two most valuable assets are a willingness to work hard, and courage in the face of adversity, hence, the reason for the title of the piece.


By this time I had moved on. My son was now in Senior School as a weekly boarder and that gave me more freedom. I swapped my Weldon Lodge Hotel in Harrow for a hotel on the seafront in Brighton and continued to design and run workshops from that venue.

During this period I developed a very good relationship working with Diana Hutcheson who invited me to write questionnaires and other delights for her readers in the Daily Mail 1988/9 See below.


Some journalists attended workshops and wrote about them, sometimes with a smile, such as the remarkable Sue Arnold, below left. Sometimes I was invited by other media sources to speak on local or national radio shows, even talking about loneliness and stress at Christmas time for Sussex Radio. I even had TV appearances as with my invited participation on Kilroy. That appearance sparked a number of work opportunities for me, which I balanced with professional consultancy, course design and more commercial business pursuits.

sue-arnold-freelance-journalistKilroy SilkMBA-review-89-requested-articleV2

Eventually, I enjoyed some notoriety when people would glance at me in the street, or come up to me and say, “Don’t I know you?”

However, it did help that people liked what I said, the social and health psychology worked well with business psychology and coaching, and very soon I was linked with other well known women who featured prominently.

Showing others the way!

Showing others the way!

evening-argus-87 I've arrived

My name became linked with Joan Collins, middle feature, (though I am sure she wasn’t aware of it at the time) and Anita Roddick (article on the right) when I worked on courses for Women Executives and Returners in response to Governmental influences at that time. This resulted in my courses ‘Women Executives Success Plan’ , ‘Change Your Mind, Change Your Life’, and ‘After Hello’ (a course designed for men and women who wanted to overcome shyness, develop skills with speaking to people or managing others, run effective meetings, master public speaking and even discovering how to handle difficult people.

I wrote many articles at that time, many of which have been published in Magazines and more recently online.

Sadly, I gave up this exciting life to take care of elderly parents and moved back to London in order to give something back to them, after all, hadn’t they done so much for me.

Some 10 years later I have started again. Not so much picking up where I left off, but having finally mastered some online skills, I find that designing and running courses online keeps me more than busy. Not only that, but running one, two and three day Seminars that pass on my knowledge to other people and help them to get more out of their business and their life is a win, win all round.

Through recent interviews on Radio and TV, (Age.UK, Podcast shows), Local and National Newspapers and my reach via Social Media sites, I enjoy coaching and supporting other people to improve their personal and business skills, increase their online presence, develop their business performance and sales to change their lives.

I am rewarded daily in the knowledge that I have modernised my skills, and that I can help people to get to grips with new technology and systems of communication, podcasting and blogging, working with the media and honing people’s social and business skills, helping them to achieve their goals. What more could a 70 year old want?

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Angela Presenting Podcasts

Angela Presenting Podcasts

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