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Just recently I put together a webinar where I explained exactly how I started off using mass media to get 1million dollars free publicity to launch my businesses, and how this developed into a lasting and mutually beneficial relationship with some powerful journalists and editors of the day.  I explain how I used this to raise my profile, develop my business, enjoy ‘expert’ status and become the ‘go to person’ for media journalists and get more customers and more money in my bank.

It was when I was interviewed for a podcast show recently that I realised just how valuable this information was to people who were starting out in business, launching a new product or service or wanting to move their business onto the next level.  Yes, I thought that I would show people how I made this work for me, and how it could work for them if they followed my example and did exactly what I did, and what I still do.

Of course, I hear you say, things are different now. Yes, it is true, and that is exactly why I have put this webinar together to show how using free publicity today is so much more valuable than using advertising which is expensive and not always beneficial unless your own business is dependent upon advertising for results, such as in the motor trade, the computer and spares trade, where you supply items in bulk etc, and where it is the norm and you would be conspicuous by your absence.

Listen to the short video and if you are suitably inspired, curious or wanting to gain from this valuable information, follow the link to the sign up box and register for the replay of the webinar.  Why should you do this?  Here is why:-

This webinar is packed with loads of useful hints and tips on how to get your own 1million dollars of free publicity that can help you to even more business success, more clicks, more people on your list, more sales and more money in your bank. I will show you :

  • What to do first
  •  How to overcome the fears of contacting journalists
  •  Getting them onside
  •  Turning them into friends who come back for more and more of your stories.

In the webinar I show you how to get your media releases seen, responded to, in the press and on radio, tv until you have built yourself a platform as the expert in your field and the go to person for information.

You will get lots of easy to follow methods that will get you a successful end result, becoming a master of the media and having more money in your bank account.

Also find out about:

  • The 5-step formula for getting on TV, radio and newspapers absolutely free
  • How to get the media to eagerly endorse your products and services
  • How a one-off interview in the media can get you 6,000 subscribers
  • How to put your business, products and services in the spotlight without spending a cent on advertising
  • How to increase your perceived worth to earn more while working less
  • The devastatingly effective way to get more business without doing any of the leg work

Replay link:

Sign up for the replay now and make sure that you and your company, products and services (and most of all, your customers) benefit from the content that will help build your reputation, your client base, your ‘expert’ status, your brand and put more money in your bank.  Ensure that you watch How I Got 1Million Free Publicity And You Can Too now.  It’s a win win.

Hit the link below and enjoy:-

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