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Angela Presenting Podcasts

Angela Presenting Podcasts

What’s Up at businessmasteryshow.com in 2016.

Well, is anyone out there thankful that 2016 is here?  I certainly am! What’s Up at businessmasteryshow.com 2016, is a question and statement too, as I must explain why I have not been posting. But wait, I have Exciting News. More about this later in this posting.

For the latter part of 2015 I became my own business practitioner and doctor all rolled into one.  Why?  I have suffered from a recurring slipped disc, but being me, I just could not be inactive, so I worked through this and ran workshops and produced so much that I became overwhelmed with work and pain, and writing, and pain, and planning, designing and running podcasts (that just could not go out at that time) until I suffered from personal overwhelm, otherwise known as burnout!

Have you every experienced that?  Basically, the brain stops functioning.  You feel emotional, can’t focus, avoid thinking because your mind is blank, need to be alone, listen to music, watch TV and do anything to avoid conscious rational thought (in my case, my safety net was baking – but I am the worst baker in the world so ended up throwing everything out to the delight of the birds and the disgust of my bank balance).  Wonderful News, I have given this up. Anyway, you get the picture.

Me, an experienced, effective, efficient business trainer and therapist, yes, that’s right, therapist, in need of the kind of counselling and CBT that I used on some of my clients to get them back into productivity.  When I finally realised what was going on, I just collapsed into a heap for a bit and took loads of bed rest to get my back muscles to release the bones in my spine that they were clutching hold of for dear life.  After some weeks of this I felt so much better and as this coincided with Christmas, so hey, I chilled.
But an active person can only take so much ‘chillin’.  In the first few days of the New Year I started thinking forward, planning a programme for 2016.
Healing Myself, Healing My Business
At the same time I got in touch with my ‘Spiritual’ side.  I went back to my Meditation, using Reiki (I had a period of teaching this remarkable healing method in my 50’s) and being an altogether more zoned out person.  Being the most popular person on You Tube was now not my most important motivation.  Being a high earner, getting the most clients onboard on my training courses, getting the most clicks, became secondary.  Getting help and support to the highest number of viewers, helping people heal themselves and helping people heal their business was my new, old motivation.

In the past I had spent most of my time supporting and helping people overcome burn-out, achieve their ambitions and find a peaceful and effective way of achieving goals, growing a business and becoming more successful in business, or by showing them how to overcome personal problems, life balance issues, or become more healthy .
Exciting News
To this end, I am putting together my new website where my viewers can find information and support that can help them improve all the areas of their life, overcome personal issues, develop working relationships at home and working relationships in business, manage their life balance, keep cool under pressure and manage stress, become more healthy, and, of course, improve business skills or develop their potential for business or personal success.
More Exciting News
Please return again to find out more about what’s up at businessmasteryshow.com in 2016 and our Exciting News about the new website and the giveaway articles, reports, excerpts and the latest video blogs I am creating for your personal development and business development, plus news about upcoming workshops and webinars.  For more information about upcoming events, complete the contact form to go on my advanced information list, or watch out for news on the Events page.

Here’s hoping you enjoy my future programme and tune in to my podcasts.



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