Improve health and fitness by becoming slim healthy and fit – if you have made a new years resolution and you just can’t keep it, find out how you can improve your motivation, improve your health, become fit and slim easily, maybe lying in your bed, sitting in the chair and just by changing your habits using Psychology.

Is your New Year resolution to get fit, become more healthy or loose weight? Mine too. We need to pay attention to our Health and Fitness! 

But seriously, don’t you think you owe it to yourself and to your loved ones to do something about your health and fitness now, right now? Your performance at work, your planning and management skills, your relationship with your staff, will all improve.

What is stopping you? Lethargy? No? Too comfortable? Tried everything? More likely you just don’t know where to begin, can’t snap out of your panic about your health and you need a helping hand. Perhaps you already have a list of exercises from the Doctor or have been seeing a physiotherapist, taking medication, but somehow just picking up the sheet of paper or box of pills fills you with dread.

Who is this for?

  • Females age 15-35, the most “At Risk” group for diabetes
  • Males age 15-35, the 2nd most ‘At Risk group for diabetes
  • Age 45+, not working, retired, maybe care for others
  • Age 45+, with high BP, heart issues, diabetes
  • Age 45+, working, pressured, stressed, time poor
  • Who struggle with a busy life; obligations, financial pressures and lack of time

Why don’t diets work? I will tell you why. Join me on the webinar.

Feel worse days after exercise? This needn’t be you.

Well, tune into my video because it will help you start the new year right, get you to snap out of your daze and show you how you can get your act together and improve your health easily, just by learning a few simple things that will make a huge difference to you, your health and the way you feel. It has already started helping me over the last three months. Join me on my journey.

Get instant access now, change your mind and change your health, I am.

Yours truly, Angela Saunders

P.S. This video contains tons of information for everyone and may help you to vastly change your life.






Just recently I put together a webinar where I explained exactly how I started off using mass media to get 1million dollars free publicity to launch my businesses, and how this developed into a lasting and mutually beneficial relationship with some powerful journalists and editors of the day.  I explain how I used this to raise my profile, develop my business, enjoy ‘expert’ status and become the ‘go to person’ for media journalists and get more customers and more money in my bank.

It was when I was interviewed for a podcast show recently that I realised just how valuable this information was to people who were starting out in business, launching a new product or service or wanting to move their business onto the next level.  Yes, I thought that I would show people how I made this work for me, and how it could work for them if they followed my example and did exactly what I did, and what I still do.

Of course, I hear you say, things are different now. Yes, it is true, and that is exactly why I have put this webinar together to show how using free publicity today is so much more valuable than using advertising which is expensive and not always beneficial unless your own business is dependent upon advertising for results, such as in the motor trade, the computer and spares trade, where you supply items in bulk etc, and where it is the norm and you would be conspicuous by your absence.

Listen to the short video and if you are suitably inspired, curious or wanting to gain from this valuable information, follow the link to the sign up box and register for the replay of the webinar.  Why should you do this?  Here is why:-

This webinar is packed with loads of useful hints and tips on how to get your own 1million dollars of free publicity that can help you to even more business success, more clicks, more people on your list, more sales and more money in your bank. I will show you :

  • What to do first
  •  How to overcome the fears of contacting journalists
  •  Getting them onside
  •  Turning them into friends who come back for more and more of your stories.

In the webinar I show you how to get your media releases seen, responded to, in the press and on radio, tv until you have built yourself a platform as the expert in your field and the go to person for information.

You will get lots of easy to follow methods that will get you a successful end result, becoming a master of the media and having more money in your bank account.

Also find out about:

  • The 5-step formula for getting on TV, radio and newspapers absolutely free
  • How to get the media to eagerly endorse your products and services
  • How a one-off interview in the media can get you 6,000 subscribers
  • How to put your business, products and services in the spotlight without spending a cent on advertising
  • How to increase your perceived worth to earn more while working less
  • The devastatingly effective way to get more business without doing any of the leg work

Replay link:

Sign up for the replay now and make sure that you and your company, products and services (and most of all, your customers) benefit from the content that will help build your reputation, your client base, your ‘expert’ status, your brand and put more money in your bank.  Ensure that you watch How I Got 1Million Free Publicity And You Can Too now.  It’s a win win.

Hit the link below and enjoy:-



If you want to do something well, then one should learn from the experts.  Aldwyn Altuney is an outstanding expert mass media communication guru and Photojournalist who has worked in traditional media including newspapers, magazines, TV and radio around Australia and around the world for about 20 years.

She has interviewed stars such as Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe, Cyndi Lauper, Debbie Harry (Blondie), Alby Mangels, Jimmy Barnes, Jimeoin and Miley Robins, among others.

She received High Distinctions in a BA in Communications (MEDIA) degree from the University of Canberra (UC) in 1994, where she majored in TV Production and Photojournalism.

Not only that, but Aldwyn has worked as a Freelance writer for interstate and National Magazines, is founder of Animal Action Events, raising about $15,000 for various animal charities since 2007 and gaining millions of dollars of free media exposure for the humane treatment of animals worldwide.

She is an Actress in theatre, short films, TV advertisements and feature films, has worked as en Editor, Writer, MC and Voice Over artist.  Wow, and double WOW.

In my interview, Aldwyn discusses her history in the field of media communication and her vast and varied experience, not only as a photojournalist, but some of the consultancy work she has undertaken and exposure that she has obtained for her clients.

It is obvious from this interview that whatever she takes on, whether personal projects such as the Animal Action Day mass media awareness and fundraising for animal welfare, winning the Gold Coast Table Tennis Championships Women’s Open Singles title back in 2006 and her ongoing loyalty to this sport since she was a winner at 10 years old, surfing, swimming and cycling, and her adorable cat Tiger, to client’s mass media communication projects, writing, co-editing or performing plays, exhibiting her photographs, or her role as ‘Media Queen’, (more later) her knowledge, energy and dedication makes her the perfect person to give advice, support and lend her know-how to your projects too.
It is obvious from this interview that whatever she takes on, whether personal projects such as the Animal Action Day mass media awareness and fundraising for animal welfare, winning the Gold Coast Table Tennis Championships Women’s Open Singles title back in 2006 and her ongoing loyalty to this sport since she was a winner at 10 years old, surfing, swimming and cycling, and her adorable cat Tiger, to client’s mass media communication projects, writing, co-editing or performing plays, exhibiting her photographs, or her role as ‘Media Queen’, (more later) her knowledge, energy and dedication makes her the perfect person to give advice, support and lend her know-how to your projects too.

Over the last few years Aldwyn has turned her attention to delivering advice via world wide webinars, working closely with her (and my own) mentor Steven Essa to whom she pays tribute on this podcast.

I know from personal experience that her Mass Media Mastery programme is a fantastic source of valuable inside information where one can learn the skills of obtaining media exposure from the very best of experts, Aldwyn.

Aldwyn offers free information via Facebook in the form of webinars on how to get mass media exposure and where you too can learn about expert mass media communication plus how you can use this to improve your branding, increase customer attraction and interest in your work, your business and your products and services.  Find out more about Mass Media Mastery and Aldwyn, the ‘Media Queen’ at:



From revolving daily lists, to setting SMART goals, you can move your business forward faster and ensure that you are achieving goals by tackling those jobs that you dread, the ones that make your stomach lurch when you think about them.  Having the strength and determination to tackle them, one step at a time will ensure that you get to achieving goals.

Tune in to todays BST and discover some tips that will help you on your way to moving forward.  Angela talks about goal setting in this brief blog post.  A whole range of webinars are planned from January to March 2015, complete with useful downloads, so watch our podcast show for news about upcoming events.

In the meantime, plan ahead yourself by breaking down your goals into easy to do mini-bites, or even chunks that you can easily digest and make sure that you are moving forward in your business and achieving goals along the way.




Today Angela asks the question, why do businesses fail?  Easy to find out, just read the financial pages and then ask yourself how you can learn from business failure stories.

Some businesses fail because they have not paid sufficient attention to their profit and loss figures and some, because they have neglected customers, clients and other important people that they rely on including their staff, outsourcers and others.

If you want to avoid your business failure then look to your own stories and compare them to other companies that fail.  Do you have areas in your business that are neglected?  Are your staff undertaking their tasks under excellent guidance, using informative and correct practice, taking care of your customer needs?

Most failures are due to poor delegation, under staffing, over spending, unrealistic projections and lack of knowledge about products, services, customer needs or lack of clear branding or unique selling point. Examine your business plan and check your story against those of the failed businesses.  Better still, ensure you have a plan!



What is your business motivation?  Do you want to be famous, become an authority figure, use your income to perform humanitarian actions, or just make loads of money and retire early?

I am asking questions again.  Today I am thinking about what your business motivation is all about.  Do you know for sure why you want to be in business and why you are pursuing the direction that you have chosen?  There is no shame in being in business for the money!  In fact, most successful entrepreneurs admit having a taste for making large sums of money.  Sometimes it is for the challenge that excites them, sometimes for the power it brings them, sometimes just because they like to spend money on nice things.

Others are in their business so that they can help people.  Maybe they run a consultancy, a therapeutic practice, work at a trade – all these businesses help other people directly.  Some people want to earn a position of authority and being a business person brings that to them.  Academics and lecturers may enjoy having other people listen to them and the role they play in enlightening others – and, of course, the authority.

Whatever your motivation for being in the business you are in, there might be days when your motivation flags a little, so refocus, build a picture of your success, and enjoy the journey.  Make every day an adventure and use the challenge to work towards your dreams. Expand your level of motivation and watch your success take off.




Sounds like a heavy title, eh?  Actually it is all about methods that can ensure your business success that are easy to do, cost very little and can save any business person time and money in building a business model that is bound to succeed, and customers that are truly happy with what your business has to offer. Using business modelling and customer profiling you are bound to enjoy increased income and a big list of happy customers.

So, in this short session Angela shares one or two methods you can use these concepts, which say more about childhood copying and using selective probing questions than it does to scientific methodology.

Listen to this blog

Angela used business modelling herself when she was setting up her hotel business, and through contacts in the Chamber of Commerce she located other hoteliers who shared information with her that greatly advanced her business.  Later she developed  customer profiling and used it to discover exactly what her customers needed, and designed products to meet that need, both sensible and good business practice.




In today’s BST I am taking a candid look at the reasons why businesses fail, indeed, I examine what causes the percentages of business that fail here in the UK.

Success or failure can be due to a number of variables.  However, Dun and Bradstreet claim that the number one reason why businesses fail is due to failure of planning.  In this BST, I give some pointers as to how you can avoid the risks, and play to your strengths to ensure that your business succeeds.

Not only that, but you can follow the link below to find out more information on how you can ensure your business success, by listening to my webinar  5 Secrets To Online Business Success.  The act of planning ensures that you do your research, make clear and practical decisions that relate to the finances, the structure and the marketing of your products, services and trade so that your customers, your clients and yourself are happy and that people to purchase your products and services come back time and time again for more.

Make sure that your business is not one that fails, and learn how you can prevent being part of the percentage of business that fail to get past the nursery years and become part of the percentages of business that succeed.  Here’s to your  business success.




Angela Saunders sends Christmas and New Year greetings to all her listeners and viewers that tune into The Business Mastery Show and talks about ways that everyone can use this time of year to focus on their way forward and what they want to see take place in 2015.

As you know,  Angela has years of experience in Business and Personal Counselling as well as designing and running seminars, workshops and courses for Business Mastery.  So Angela is drawing upon her vast experience gained in the field of Psychology, (Business and Social), and as a Chartered Psychologist to bring to you her programme of seminars, workshops and courses that have been dusted down, spruced up and made ready for 21st century life and business.

Starting with the subject that is on everyone’s lips (and in their belly), Angela brings to London on 18th January her one day Seminar entitled:

In January – 2015 – Your Year Of Slim Healthy Fitness Using Psychology

Well, Angela decided that for the sake of her health she needed to loose weight and become more fit.  Then she realised that her experience of running her 10 session course called ‘Size Matters’ some many years ago would come in helpful and that it was time to bring it up to date and rework it utilising the psychology of weight loss and decision making, building resolve and confidence, overcoming fears and re-evaluating ones purpose and life plan, and meld that with an improved understanding about improving health, developing fitness and how to learn to love one’s body.  Well, she’s done it, and just to prove it she is going to put herself through the process too.

Angela is inviting her followers and fans, subscribers to the Business Mastery Show and anyone, male or female, young or old who want to make 2015 their year of slim, healthy fitness to join her in London on 18th January for a one day seminar on this very subject.

Packed with discussions, tips, tricks, psychology and coaching exercises, even one or two meditations that will guide you through the content and help you to build your resolution to get healthy, fit and stronger and to re-evaluate your way forward this year. The event will be recorded on video and a copy will be made available to those attending.

Angela can only accommodate 20-25 people maximum on this occasion, so if you are interested and want to learn more, use the contact form on this podcast show site to register your interest in taking part.  Head your contact form with 2015 – Your Year of Slim Healthy Fitness Using Psychology, leave your name, e-mail address and full details will be sent to you by reply, including the cost of the event.

Now, for something completely different.

In February Angela is bringing to you 2015 – Your Year Of 1M Free Publicity

This one day seminar is all about how Angela earned herself Free Publicity, appeared in articles in the press, was featured on local and national TV, Radio and built her brand and became the ‘go to’ person on matters business and psychological.

This valuable one day event also looks at how to develop a good relationship with journalists, how to use your own Story about yourself and your products or services and to link them with local or national news stories that show how you can help your community, your customers or clients.  You will discover how put together a press release, and how to develop your brand, amongst many other things. The event will be recorded on video and a copy will be available to all who attend.

Once again only 20-25 places will be available so if you could be interested please register your interest by visiting our contact page and heading your enquiry with  2015 – Your Year Of 1M Free Publicity.  Let us have your full name and contact details and you will receive an e-mail with information about the final content and costs and how you can register for the one day seminar.

In March 2015 – What To Say ‘After Hello’

Angela refers back to her most successful weekend seminar which she has now brought right up to date for 2015.

This weekend seminar includes sessions on improving skills with people, how to overcome fear of talking to people and begins with building confidence, then, using the telephone, asking for things, speaking to people face to face.  Also included is how to confidently walk into a room full of people, make light conversation and talk to small groups of people.

Then Angela looks at why we all struggle with talking in public, from making a speech to addressing a room full of people, running meetings and being a guest speaker at events.  Wow, what a full program.

This weekend seminar will be recorded on video and the film will be made available to all attending.  If you feel that you can gain from this valuable opportunity (Angela feels that all people will benefit in one way or another from this event) head to our contact pages and put in the heading March 2015 – What To Say ‘After Hello’.

The information will be sent to you as soon as possible giving you full details and costs of the event.

New To 2015 – Angela’s Business Skill Tips Blog

Launching January, Angela is bringing to you (and if you subscribe, to your computer in box) her Business Skills Tips (B.S.T’s) which are short and to the point snippets of business related ideas, reminders, informative and skill related information lasting between 3-5 minutes that you can use to set yourself up for the day, or direct to a file on your server that you can refer to from time to time to give your insight or direction on business related topics.

Sometimes, just a thought or a word can be sufficient to trigger insights and new ideas that can grow into a whole new concept, focus or development within your self or within your business.

It is with hope and goodwill that Angela sends these insights to you.  God Bless.

Closure and New Beginnings

Finally, we wish you a most happy and successful 2015 and hope that you will tune in to our podcast show week by week and build on your business skills and slowly absorb new and exciting knowledge to help you to develop your business success.

To your business success!
from all at The Business Mastery Show

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