Improve health and fitness by becoming slim healthy and fit – if you have made a new years resolution and you just can’t keep it, find out how you can improve your motivation, improve your health, become fit and slim easily, maybe lying in your bed, sitting in the chair and just by changing your habits using Psychology.

Is your New Year resolution to get fit, become more healthy or loose weight? Mine too. We need to pay attention to our Health and Fitness! 

But seriously, don’t you think you owe it to yourself and to your loved ones to do something about your health and fitness now, right now? Your performance at work, your planning and management skills, your relationship with your staff, will all improve.

What is stopping you? Lethargy? No? Too comfortable? Tried everything? More likely you just don’t know where to begin, can’t snap out of your panic about your health and you need a helping hand. Perhaps you already have a list of exercises from the Doctor or have been seeing a physiotherapist, taking medication, but somehow just picking up the sheet of paper or box of pills fills you with dread.

Who is this for?

  • Females age 15-35, the most “At Risk” group for diabetes
  • Males age 15-35, the 2nd most ‘At Risk group for diabetes
  • Age 45+, not working, retired, maybe care for others
  • Age 45+, with high BP, heart issues, diabetes
  • Age 45+, working, pressured, stressed, time poor
  • Who struggle with a busy life; obligations, financial pressures and lack of time

Why don’t diets work? I will tell you why. Join me on the webinar.

Feel worse days after exercise? This needn’t be you.

Well, tune into my video because it will help you start the new year right, get you to snap out of your daze and show you how you can get your act together and improve your health easily, just by learning a few simple things that will make a huge difference to you, your health and the way you feel. It has already started helping me over the last three months. Join me on my journey.

Get instant access now, change your mind and change your health, I am.

Yours truly, Angela Saunders

P.S. This video contains tons of information for everyone and may help you to vastly change your life.





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About a month ago I returned from my break in Turkey (before the troubles) where I spent a short time renewing focus, redirecting, clarifying aims.

It is true that every now and again I find it necessary to take such a break as it renews my energy and helps me to think through my direction.

I use tools, planning skills and my secret little tricks to help me think through my direction and make sure that I am on track, moving forward in just the right way that ensures success, and prevents my mind seizing up with that dreadful ‘frozen’ condition because my unconscious mind registers danger from some unknown fear or threat.

You must know that feeling.  The difference is that during my various business and life stages I have learned how to deal with that condition.  As a Chartered Psychologist who has spent years and years helping people develop their skills, overcome issues, conditions and problems both in personal development and also in their business development, helping them to become more effective, more skilled, I have learned what it takes to be more successful and helped them to do this too.

Whilst I was away I started writing my book on this very subject.  Yes, after all these years I am putting my knowledge down on paper in book form.  I realised that I cannot reach the numbers of people that I would like to help.  That is my purpose in life after all, to pass on my knowledge and help others to become more successful.  The only way forward would be to put what I know into a book, and also deliver the content in seminar form later.  My own direction has changed and now I have spent the time since my return continuing with renewing focus, redirecting, clarifying aims, planning, writing, organising and scheduling my content and my event.

After spending time considering my 2017 goals, I have been clarifying, so my own aims have now been clarified.  I have been renewing focus. I am locked in to the aims and goals I have set for myself, creating an effective team to work alongside me.  That way, I will achieve my goals and reach my target destination.  My attention is redirected.  I have moved forward, but in fact, back to where I was so many years ago, planning and organising events where I delivered the content (that is one of the things that I do best, designing and presenting seminars, workshops and webinars, speaking and influencing) and writing and disseminating information into reports, articles and books.  Many of my articles have been published, even requested by the media.  Now, I have been renewing focus, direction, clarifying aims and am ready to go.

If you want some information about how I achieved this, you can complete the information form and contact me via my website

Just request information on how you can renew your focus, gain a sense of direction and clarify your aims, getting back on track and moving closer to your future success.



In today’s session I am talking about administration and the streams of paperwork, filing, record keeping and organising of your business and some of the methods that we engage in in order to be more affective, always have the information handy when we need it and so therefore feel safe and secure that important matters have been undertaken effectively and records kept securely.

I don’t know about you, but even though I use the cloud to store my videos and many of my important items of information, files, records, and so on, I am a little afraid that when I need to call on important items of paperwork and administration information they might not be there!  Irrational fears have been expressed to me by many of my clients and other individuals who fear what would happen if satellites collide, or even burn out . . . well, maybe we are all too well tuned in to Science Fiction movies, but I confide that I store many of my important documents on external drives.

There are so many very good softwares available including Basecamp (well used and well loved as an organising tool), where, once you have quickly filled out forms and specialist records you can safely store all business administration forms, letters, e-mails and production material for quick access when you need them.  Specialist fields such as building, architecture, design, draughtsmanship, beauty and health industries and consultants who employ appointment systems all rely on software such as Basecamp, Huddle, Smartsheet, Teamwork, and these are just a few of the ‘specialist’ softwares that can not only store your information safely but be used to organise yourself and your staff and manage teams and team meetings too!  This leaves your office less cluttered with paperwork, but still as efficient and productive.

This blog seems rather like a sales sheet today, but it is not intended to be such.  No, I am just considering the matter myself today, and so I though that I would bring the idea of ‘going online’, even reaching ‘the clouds’ to your attention and give you, dear listener / viewer, pause for thought today about the importance of safe storage of your paperwork, your business administration and documents, records and important matters.  Always know that you can have your documents to hand when you need them most, free from worry that you might just forget where you have filed them.

There’s no point in spending hours and hours setting up meetings, organising teams, designing and producing products, buildings, environmental, geological and urban infrastructure, keeping accounts, records and documents away from prying eyes, if when you really need them you can’t find them anywhere – have them close at hand whilst keeping your office and your desk clear – get organised and take it online.  Just my thought for today.



In today’s BST I am talking about ways of packaging yourself and your products and how appropriate that is for your products and services and your client needs and expectations.

When presenting yourself to the public you have 30 seconds in which to make an impression before your customer (target) makes a judgement about you.  This is not my own opinion, it is based on tried and tested research.

Not much time, eh?  For this reason it is critical that you get your personal image and style right for the occasion, for the situation, for the business you are conducting and for the customer’s expectations.

What do I mean?  Well, what do you imagine when I say the word ‘teacher’?  Do you visualise your old teacher, for better or for worse?  How do you think about them?  What are they wearing, how do they sound, what is the feeling that they conjure up in your being?  What about if I say ‘creative person’?  What do they tend to look like, behave like, sound like?  Do you understand what I am saying.  We all have a general idea about what certain people should be like, the characteristics that they should have to be ‘right’. Our value judgements affect the way we feel about people, whether they have value, whether they know what they are saying and whether they are valuable to us.  This goes for what they are talking about and what they are ‘selling’ us too.

Maybe you want to present yourself as a ‘smart’ person who knows exactly what you are talking about, so you dress in a ‘smart’ style in the way a tv presenter would, with a clean and neat appearance, wearing a suit, tie, shirt, blouse and little but classy jewellery.  Perhaps you are a back room techie, movie maker or behind the scenes business person who generally wears ‘laid back’ clothing.  Ask yourself, how do my customers tend to think about what I should look like or sound like.  Does this come across in the way I present myself, what I say to them, how I say it and how my products appear?  You should take the opportunity to ask them, they are the boss of you, they are God in terms of your business success.

‘Laid back’ styling may be the trend these days, and smart clothes kept only for special occasions, so dressing for your ‘peers’, your friends and associates, requires that you keep ‘on trend’, but does this apply to your business, your products, your own appearance when presenting yourself in front of your customers or clients?  Sorry, you will just have to ask them!

Thanks for listening to me today, pause for thought and have a good one.




Today I am tuning in to spirituality in business – gratitude – my sense of wellbeing,  and thinking about just how lucky I really am.

The sun in shining on what is really quite a cold day outside.  I bring to mind the fact that I have the sun shining in through the window onto my face, warming, comforting, soothing.  I feel the need to pass this on to all those around me so that their own day can become as blessed as my own.

Taking time to consider other people in one’s business day will bring good rewards.  For example, starting off at home with a happy face, greeting the family and others around you, taking time to ask them about what their day may have in store for them, how they are feeling, what they plan to do will make them feel nurtured, cared for and glad to have you in their life.

Spirituality in Business -Gratitude, serves well at work. Work colleagues may not be as fortunate as you.  They may be going through a lot of difficult experiences right now – ask them if anything is bothering them, if you can help, how you could help. If they are not performing as well as they might, remember it may be because they have problems, (work or home centred) that may be getting in the way.  By supporting them they in turn will feel gratitude, that their problem is being shared by a sympathetic person, that they have the strength to deal with the issue.

A touch of consideration spreads a long way and will be rewarded with increased co-operation and a binding together of the ‘Team’.  Showing that you are pleased with the outcome for even a simple task will encourage work teams to do even better.  A simple smile accompanied with, ‘Thanks, that’s Great”, will be appreciated, make others feel better.  Spread your gratitude today and watch the ripples spread out to other people.

So today I am showing gratitude for all my blessings, tasks achieved in time, mine and other peoples’, a rewarding phone call and the slightest sign of support from anyone around me.  Actually, it makes me feel so good to acknowledge a good outcome, and the smile on the faces around me reflect that I am making other people feel good too.  Win Win, I say!




So many of my clients tell me that they get really nervous when making phone calls, especially if they have to ask for something on the phone, are not sure of the correct department or person to speak to, and even if they are the brightest kid on the block, senior manager, business owner they often go to pieces at the thought of getting on the phone, at a loss when it comes to telephone communication.

In today’s short 3 minute B S T, I give some thoughts about making the whole process easier, and at the risk of sounding like ‘mother’ I think that they can give a lot of help and support to people out there who suffer from nerves when it comes to speaking on the phone.

In addition to the tips I relate on this video blog, I would recommend that you do some calm, slow breathing before you pick up the phone, just to slow down your breathing and keep those nerves at bay, not allow time for the ‘fight and flight’ response to kick in and cause the tightening at the temples, the shallow fast breathing, the slight nausea in the stomach.

My clients have found that the tips in this blog post works for them, and allows them to get on with their jobs, including telephone communication, easily and effortlessly.

Tune in and listen . . .




Today I am back on the same subjects as yesterday, talking about managing meetings and this time focusing more on creating a useful Agenda so that you can get the most out of managing meetings.

It is truly advantageous to take the time before the meeting to create a workable Agenda, not only setting down in the body of the Agenda the points that will be discussed at the meeting but also to create a right hand column in which you identify who will be responsible for presenting that section of the meeting or the people who will be involved in that area and who are expended to bring information or outcomes to present at the meeting.  It is a good idea to list the items that need to be presented by those people, perhaps under the initials of that person, for example,  accounts, reports, articles, outcomes of phone calls or consultations, and so on.

To ensure that they bring the required information to the meeting and therefore avoid wasting everyone’s time, send out an email prior to the meeting reminding people what they are expected to bring, perhaps creating one e-mail and copying the contents to everyone who will be attending.

In addition, if you are holding online meetings there are many companies who supply meetings software for managing the meetings or recording them, including Skype and GoToMeeting to name just two.

So, making a success of your meeting entails holding people responsible for the information they are bringing to the meeting, and controlling the outcome, and keeping records of what transpired at the meeting and what people will take away from the meeting as an outcome, or tasks to undertake for before the next one.  Whatever the outcome, learning the skills of managing meetings will ensure that all concerned remain happy with the process.




Having turned my attention to business travel, today I’m looking at travel by car and ways that one can make the journey more relaxing, so that business travel is as stress free as possible.

I do not recommend taking your hands off the wheel, making phone calls or texting or doing relaxing exercises whilst driving a car (including listening to relaxation or meditations tapes, oh, no). However, I know that when one is driving in heavy traffic, facing difficult weather situations, road hold ups and being stuck in a queue of stranded motorists whilst someone ahead rectifies bad driving, traffic accident or a breakdown or other such emergency, tempers flare.

Not only that, but if you are like me, and often try to fit in one last task before leaving which makes your timings rather tight, it is far easier under the above conditions to phone ahead and re-schedule, make it known that you will be late due to any of the above, or simply take on board some of the exercises that I recommend in this B S T today.

If you are quite sure that you are safely stationary and that you will not be moving any second soon, then some easy yoga breathing can come in handy – counting slowly in your mind as you breath in, say, to a count of 6 or 8, and then breathing out even slower to a count of 8-9 or even 10, will calm you down.  Do this a few times and your body will begin to feel that the crisis is over and you will begin to feel better.

Better still, whilst stationary you can imagine the skin on your neck becoming softer, smoother.  Feel your muscles relaxing in the neck and shoulders, down your arms, down your back.  Take another deep breath in and out and then stretch out your arms towards the windscreen and hold for a few seconds and then relax.  Only if stationary and with the hand-break on, do the same with your legs.  hold up your hands and let them go limp.  then shake your fingers as if they were rag dolls for a few seconds.  Then you can gently take the wheel again and as and when the traffic moves you will be feeling much more relaxed.

Business travel can be make a lot more pleasant if you put a smile on your face.  When you smile your muscles in your face become stronger, messages get sent to your brain to release ‘feel good’ hormones and the experience of business travel takes on a whole new feeling.  Good driving, and good business too.



Are you like me, always rushing around and trying to fit everything in to your busy day?  How do you cope with business travel?  Do you get to the terminal and discover you have left tickets or passport behind?  Well today, I am making one or two suggestions as to how you might become better prepared for business travel.

In the past I have included business travel in my business training course structure, because if you are not well prepared you might get caught out when travelling and find that you had not packed all the business items that you needed for your travel journey or for when you reach your destination.

It is better to be considered fussy, anal, a perfectionist and keep all your travel items in one place, one drawer or one travel bag and then they are always ready for you to grab and go.

Listen today to this b.s.t. where I suggest a way that you can always get the edge on rail or air travel.  Tune in and see if what I suggest can work for you and keep you in travel heaven when you are called away for that business meeting, overnight, two or three days, week or longer.

Make sure that your business travel sees you relaxed and content when you reach your destination and that you arrive in style.



Just a short b.s.t today about some of the problems that one can encounter when holding meetings, and some suggestions how to overcome them, ensuring that managing meetings turns out to be problem free in the future.

Managing meetings is quite a skill, though most people don’t thing of it in that way.  Controlling input, output, behaviour at the meeting can ensure that your meeting is a success and that everyone present gets the most out of attending.

Being at a meeting costs money.  The cost of the time that attendees are present is not just financial, although all time spent at work costs money one way or another, but time away from normal business activities and developing improved outcomes, financial improvements, promoting products or servicing customer / client needs effects the total business experience and has a cost on colleagues and their outputs, their work experience.  It is important to make sure that a meeting that you are holding is necessary.  Is there another way that the information can be exchanged, developed, outcomes achieved?  Managing meetings for the best possible outcome may mean not holding a meeting as such at all.

In this session I suggest alternatives, alternative styles of meetings that cost less and can achieve more. I address issues such as coping with interruptions, people that just can’t stop wanting to have their say.

Tune in and see if you can take away something of interest from today’s last b.s.t. on managing meetings.

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