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Following my 6 week absence due to slipped disc and sciatica, and anyone who has been there knows just how painful such injuries can be, I have had plenty of time to work out my full Business Mastery Programme for 2015 which is aimed at not only anyone who wants to take their business to greater heights, but those who fall into the category of baby boomers, empty nesters and returners who maybe wanting to fill a gap in their life.

The programme consists of two levels and styles of business coaching and personal skills development in the form of an ongoing series of courses.

Firstly, my VIP sessions, which are related to subjects of interest to people who may be mystified by the latest methods of having an offline or online business and have a need to discover ways of overcoming fears and stresses of life and creating a more fulfilled and happy life experience; building self esteem and making friends, organising hobby groups or teams of people, getting ideas across to others, building and expanding a business, having online strategies simplified to be able to do more than put photos on Facebook or send e-mails, taking a business online, even discovering methods of marketing online and off, and using business strategies to enlarge market share and business income.

The first VIP seminar is planned for May 31 2015.  It is a one day seminar entitled :

How I Got £1m Free Publicity And You Can Too!

This seminar  is for anyone who wants to learn about marketing but who is put off by the cost of Advertising. During the day I will explain about alternative methods of marketing and show you in detail how I used free publicity to build my business, build good connections with journalists, bookers, publicists, newspaper and magazine groups, radio, tv and presenters who over the course of a few years brought me an exceptional amount of media exposure, offers of speaking opportunities, tv interviews and appearances, press coverage, offers of work, contracts for training design and presentation, and corporate clients that helped to build my reputation, my brand and my business, earning me a lot of money in the process.

You will learn how to adapt the information to your situation, your business ideas, plans, and future success.  You can use the information to write your business plan, make social media marketing your own, develop a publicity campaign, learn how to build a customer list, innovative ways to attract clients, customers and companies and to turn that into profits.

This information works equally well for not-for-profit ideas, organisations and for any event that you might wish to bring to public awareness such as a charity event.

For more information click this link here:

For press information please contact Angela Saunders for a press pack or interview request via the contact form.

 The second VIP Seminar will be held on July 25 / 26 2015. It is a weekend seminar entitled

(How to turn your ideas into a successful income)

The content for this exciting weekend workshop will not only help clarify and qualify ideas that you may already have and turn them into a project plan, but also disclose some professional methods to sort out difficult decisions you might come up against in order to make a modern business work for you.

We will look at ways to build confidence; understand and research customer target groups (customers) and how to satisfy their needs, ways to discover gaps in your chosen market that you can easily exploit or address that will make your idea stand out, become newsworthy and attract buyers / customers / clients / profits.

Another aspect will address how to turn a hobby into a business that can earn you pin money whilst providing an interest, help you overcome loneliness, make friends, discover markets and even effortlessly make some money.  If you want to, you can then get involved in modern online marketing (I will show you how) and build your hobby into a solid based business.

We will take a look at some easy methods of business administration, record keeping and online site management, and if you want to take this further then you will be pointed in the direction of online training that can help you do that.

For more information contact us via this link:

For press information please contact Angela Saunders for a press pack or interview request via the contact form.

My final project will be developed and released in late August / early September.  This is my updated training school where my full programme will be launched, entitled


This programme is a complete online business school and club which covers all the necessary knowledge and experience anyone would need to update and advance their personal and business skills, management skills, discover how to become an affective boss, how to develop advertising, marketing and public relations abilities that will capture the attention of the media, modern administration and accounts methods, and sales and business strategies.

Under the headings above there are a further 7-10 subjects containing everything from how to achieve individual outcomes such as building confidence or presenting accounts, to running a meeting (online or offline), sales techniques (offline and online), administration software choices, building trust, new ways to get customers, becoming a confident leader, to name a few.

You can join the Business Mastery School and invest in an individual course, or you can join the Business Mastery Club and pay a monthly fee and use any of the material in the Business Mastery School so long as you are a subscriber, take your pick.

For more information click the link here:

For press information please contact Angela Saunders for a press pack or interview request via the contact form.


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