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Welcome Back to Steven Essa!

Today we are very lucky to be able to listen to Steven imparting his knowledge and wisdom about business administration management for online business. SE_image

You know how it feels when you get stressed. Often it is because you just don’t know what to do first, you are so inundated with things to do, accounts, meetings, e-mails, marketing, sales . . the list just goes on and on.  You realise that you really do need help.  You want to know the quickest and most efficient way of going about doing those tricky things. You need ways of keeping control over all your daily jobs . . . and even letting go and delegating some of them.

From very humble and unlikely beginnings, Steven Essa has emerged as a world leading authority on webinar marketing and online business. In less than 5 years, he’s built a global client base and has shared the stage with many of the best and highest profile speakers in the industry.

Steven has excited audiences in Australia, UK, USA, UAE, Ireland, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Cyprus, Singapore and New Zealand. Over the past 5 years, Steven has trained thousands of people to do what he does best, creating the life of his dreams using the internet… generating $4000… $8000… and $25,000 in a single hour by using webinars.

Questions Steven will be answering include:

  • How do you sort out what administration management jobs to do and easy ways to do them on a regular basis?
  • What ways can people handle administration tasks and projects that are shared?
  • Can you reveal your personal experiences and recommendations regarding online administration management  software?
  • What methods do you use to control the way work gets done and jobs are delegated?

In this interview Steven quoted from Steven Covey’s 5 levels of delegation: “Any person can manage seven people, but if you use the 5 levels of delegation you can easily handle 15-20 people'”

Don’t forget to tune in and benefit from Steven’s open and frank discussion of his own experiences with handling the business administration management. He talks about tasks that his business requires daily, weekly and monthly to ensure his business success, and it’s efficient management.  Pay attention to his recommendations and suggestions as they are worth gold, and money in your bank.

Listen right to the end when he reveals his 5 Secrets of Delegation.

To contact Steven and learn more about his work go to


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