The aim of this podcast series is to assist subscribers and listeners to get a broader understanding of various strategies available to business owners located throughout the world.

We also aim to mentor new business from concept, through start up, development, expansion and even downsizing helping them to clarify thinking, overcome issues, find solutions and become more successful.

The content will help them to master and develop Business Skills, Business Planning, Business Management practices, Leadership, Stress and Conflict Management, Communication and Interpersonal Skills plus Strategic Planning and how to overcome Financial threats and practical Downsizing.

The professionals and experts that we feature on this program have a very high level of knowledge in their fields of expertise. We set out to align ourselves with individuals and business that provide direct customer education and or support. Our goal is to provide real time, up to date information that is beneficial to you.

Put a note in your diary to check back every week for our latest update. Check out the links that appear on our home page to find out what we are offering by way of training and development.

If you would like to join us on our show by being interviewed, please complete the ‘Be On A Show’ form by clicking the appropriate menu button.  Thank you.

About Your Host

photo_full_AlteredAngela Saunders is a Chartered Psychologist, Business Trainer, Speaker and Businesswoman.  She has spent the last 35 years helping people overcome hardship to become the best they can be in business and in life.

Angela has worked with some of the world’s leading academics, medics, business corporations, and individuals, demonstrating how to avoid or overcome conflict, build relationships, teams, develop strategy that enables people and businesses to generate wealth.

She has shown individuals and groups how to overcome stress and loss only to rise again to build a new career, develop or take a business online, and forge a successful future.

Over the years Angela has designed and presented important training events at Universities and for Companies as well as delivering training at business meetings and events as well as direct to the public at training days.

She has presented vital information about interpersonal skills, business administration, practical work management and manufacturing systems as well as day to day business operations and record keeping, presenting her knowledge and wisdom at seminars, conferences and talks.

If you would like to interview Angela about her work or any aspect of it, please request our information pack by clicking on the ‘Contact Us’ button on our main menu.

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