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About a month ago I returned from my break in Turkey (before the troubles) where I spent a short time renewing focus, redirecting, clarifying aims.

It is true that every now and again I find it necessary to take such a break as it renews my energy and helps me to think through my direction.

I use tools, planning skills and my secret little tricks to help me think through my direction and make sure that I am on track, moving forward in just the right way that ensures success, and prevents my mind seizing up with that dreadful ‘frozen’ condition because my unconscious mind registers danger from some unknown fear or threat.

You must know that feeling.  The difference is that during my various business and life stages I have learned how to deal with that condition.  As a Chartered Psychologist who has spent years and years helping people develop their skills, overcome issues, conditions and problems both in personal development and also in their business development, helping them to become more effective, more skilled, I have learned what it takes to be more successful and helped them to do this too.

Whilst I was away I started writing my book on this very subject.  Yes, after all these years I am putting my knowledge down on paper in book form.  I realised that I cannot reach the numbers of people that I would like to help.  That is my purpose in life after all, to pass on my knowledge and help others to become more successful.  The only way forward would be to put what I know into a book, and also deliver the content in seminar form later.  My own direction has changed and now I have spent the time since my return continuing with renewing focus, redirecting, clarifying aims, planning, writing, organising and scheduling my content and my event.

After spending time considering my 2017 goals, I have been clarifying, so my own aims have now been clarified.  I have been renewing focus. I am locked in to the aims and goals I have set for myself, creating an effective team to work alongside me.  That way, I will achieve my goals and reach my target destination.  My attention is redirected.  I have moved forward, but in fact, back to where I was so many years ago, planning and organising events where I delivered the content (that is one of the things that I do best, designing and presenting seminars, workshops and webinars, speaking and influencing) and writing and disseminating information into reports, articles and books.  Many of my articles have been published, even requested by the media.  Now, I have been renewing focus, direction, clarifying aims and am ready to go.

If you want some information about how I achieved this, you can complete the information form and contact me via my website

Just request information on how you can renew your focus, gain a sense of direction and clarify your aims, getting back on track and moving closer to your future success.