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Today I am tuning in to spirituality in business – gratitude – my sense of wellbeing,  and thinking about just how lucky I really am.

The sun in shining on what is really quite a cold day outside.  I bring to mind the fact that I have the sun shining in through the window onto my face, warming, comforting, soothing.  I feel the need to pass this on to all those around me so that their own day can become as blessed as my own.

Taking time to consider other people in one’s business day will bring good rewards.  For example, starting off at home with a happy face, greeting the family and others around you, taking time to ask them about what their day may have in store for them, how they are feeling, what they plan to do will make them feel nurtured, cared for and glad to have you in their life.

Spirituality in Business -Gratitude, serves well at work. Work colleagues may not be as fortunate as you.  They may be going through a lot of difficult experiences right now – ask them if anything is bothering them, if you can help, how you could help. If they are not performing as well as they might, remember it may be because they have problems, (work or home centred) that may be getting in the way.  By supporting them they in turn will feel gratitude, that their problem is being shared by a sympathetic person, that they have the strength to deal with the issue.

A touch of consideration spreads a long way and will be rewarded with increased co-operation and a binding together of the ‘Team’.  Showing that you are pleased with the outcome for even a simple task will encourage work teams to do even better.  A simple smile accompanied with, ‘Thanks, that’s Great”, will be appreciated, make others feel better.  Spread your gratitude today and watch the ripples spread out to other people.

So today I am showing gratitude for all my blessings, tasks achieved in time, mine and other peoples’, a rewarding phone call and the slightest sign of support from anyone around me.  Actually, it makes me feel so good to acknowledge a good outcome, and the smile on the faces around me reflect that I am making other people feel good too.  Win Win, I say!