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Angela Saunders sends Christmas and New Year greetings to all her listeners and viewers that tune into The Business Mastery Show and talks about ways that everyone can use this time of year to focus on their way forward and what they want to see take place in 2015.

As you know,  Angela has years of experience in Business and Personal Counselling as well as designing and running seminars, workshops and courses for Business Mastery.  So Angela is drawing upon her vast experience gained in the field of Psychology, (Business and Social), and as a Chartered Psychologist to bring to you her programme of seminars, workshops and courses that have been dusted down, spruced up and made ready for 21st century life and business.

Starting with the subject that is on everyone’s lips (and in their belly), Angela brings to London on 18th January her one day Seminar entitled:

In January – 2015 – Your Year Of Slim Healthy Fitness Using Psychology

Well, Angela decided that for the sake of her health she needed to loose weight and become more fit.  Then she realised that her experience of running her 10 session course called ‘Size Matters’ some many years ago would come in helpful and that it was time to bring it up to date and rework it utilising the psychology of weight loss and decision making, building resolve and confidence, overcoming fears and re-evaluating ones purpose and life plan, and meld that with an improved understanding about improving health, developing fitness and how to learn to love one’s body.  Well, she’s done it, and just to prove it she is going to put herself through the process too.

Angela is inviting her followers and fans, subscribers to the Business Mastery Show and anyone, male or female, young or old who want to make 2015 their year of slim, healthy fitness to join her in London on 18th January for a one day seminar on this very subject.

Packed with discussions, tips, tricks, psychology and coaching exercises, even one or two meditations that will guide you through the content and help you to build your resolution to get healthy, fit and stronger and to re-evaluate your way forward this year. The event will be recorded on video and a copy will be made available to those attending.

Angela can only accommodate 20-25 people maximum on this occasion, so if you are interested and want to learn more, use the contact form on this podcast show site to register your interest in taking part.  Head your contact form with 2015 – Your Year of Slim Healthy Fitness Using Psychology, leave your name, e-mail address and full details will be sent to you by reply, including the cost of the event.

Now, for something completely different.

In February Angela is bringing to you 2015 – Your Year Of 1M Free Publicity

This one day seminar is all about how Angela earned herself Free Publicity, appeared in articles in the press, was featured on local and national TV, Radio and built her brand and became the ‘go to’ person on matters business and psychological.

This valuable one day event also looks at how to develop a good relationship with journalists, how to use your own Story about yourself and your products or services and to link them with local or national news stories that show how you can help your community, your customers or clients.  You will discover how put together a press release, and how to develop your brand, amongst many other things. The event will be recorded on video and a copy will be available to all who attend.

Once again only 20-25 places will be available so if you could be interested please register your interest by visiting our contact page and heading your enquiry with  2015 – Your Year Of 1M Free Publicity.  Let us have your full name and contact details and you will receive an e-mail with information about the final content and costs and how you can register for the one day seminar.

In March 2015 – What To Say ‘After Hello’

Angela refers back to her most successful weekend seminar which she has now brought right up to date for 2015.

This weekend seminar includes sessions on improving skills with people, how to overcome fear of talking to people and begins with building confidence, then, using the telephone, asking for things, speaking to people face to face.  Also included is how to confidently walk into a room full of people, make light conversation and talk to small groups of people.

Then Angela looks at why we all struggle with talking in public, from making a speech to addressing a room full of people, running meetings and being a guest speaker at events.  Wow, what a full program.

This weekend seminar will be recorded on video and the film will be made available to all attending.  If you feel that you can gain from this valuable opportunity (Angela feels that all people will benefit in one way or another from this event) head to our contact pages and put in the heading March 2015 – What To Say ‘After Hello’.

The information will be sent to you as soon as possible giving you full details and costs of the event.

New To 2015 – Angela’s Business Skill Tips Blog

Launching January, Angela is bringing to you (and if you subscribe, to your computer in box) her Business Skills Tips (B.S.T’s) which are short and to the point snippets of business related ideas, reminders, informative and skill related information lasting between 3-5 minutes that you can use to set yourself up for the day, or direct to a file on your server that you can refer to from time to time to give your insight or direction on business related topics.

Sometimes, just a thought or a word can be sufficient to trigger insights and new ideas that can grow into a whole new concept, focus or development within your self or within your business.

It is with hope and goodwill that Angela sends these insights to you.  God Bless.

Closure and New Beginnings

Finally, we wish you a most happy and successful 2015 and hope that you will tune in to our podcast show week by week and build on your business skills and slowly absorb new and exciting knowledge to help you to develop your business success.

To your business success!
from all at The Business Mastery Show


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Life itself taught Sandra Crathern to change her life.  She got to the point where something just had to change and she decided to do something about it.

She drank too much, smoked too much, and was very overweight.  Listen to this podcast in which Sandra tells you how she changed her life and her focus using life-skills and NLP and rebuilt herself in the image that she chose, and how you can do it too.

Sandra’s background is in Nursing, and once her own change programme was underway she retrained to become a NLP Master and Life Coach and International Speaker, even working on Cruise Ships and at Champneys Health Spa.

During the podcast interview I put to Sandra some of the following questions:

  • Can you tell me a little about your background and your earlier work?
  • What was the moment that you decided to change your focus?
  • Did you have to learn or build upon your professional qualifications and how did this come together?
  • What are the main things that you learned about yourself during this time?
  • How has that effected your current career and direction?
  • What are you doing now, and how people can learn more about that?
  • How can life-skills help other people to change their life?

Sandra has invented a new diagnostic tool, The Health And Wellbeing Fountain.  You can learn more about this by listening to this fascinating podcast interview and by visiting her website:

Learn more about her empowering techniques, learn to let go of negative emotions using time-line therapy, take back control with healthy work / life balance strategies, reduce inner and outer disputes and discover conflict resolution techniques.

Through Sandra you can improve personal and working relationships, identify and change core beliefs or behaviour patterns with empowering association / disassociation methods.

You can address current health issues, manage stress, build self confidence and so much more . . .

Contact Sandra at now, but not before you have tuned in and listened to this podcast!!!


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This week we are very fortunate to have with us Jessica Rhodes who will be speaking with me about how to be the best podcast host. In this session we will be covering many aspects of podcasting including interviewing tips, interviewing techniques and interviewing skills, plus the best methods Jessica recommends on how to create your own podcast, how to invite speakers on to your show and how to improve the quality and results from your existing podcast show.

Jessica Rhodes ESS

Jessica Rhodes ESS

With a degree in Communications and a background in that area, Jessica is the founder and President of E S S – Entrepreneur Support Services, a business providing various admin and marketing support services to busy entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Entrepreneur Support Services is the parent company to, the premier source for booking outstanding guests for your podcast.

In addition to finding and booking great guests for her client’s podcasts, Jessica and her team help successful entrepreneurs get booked on other shows so they can share their message with the world and gain valuable exposure for their business.

In my interview with Jessica I shall be posing and answering such questions as:-

  • Tips on how you and your business can benefit from podcasting
  • How to set up your podcast interviews – equipment, methods, suggestions and tips
  • What not to do when podcasting
  • How to invite people to be interviewed
  • How to ensure that you get the right speakers

Make sure that you don’t miss this exciting interview as you are sure to learn tips and skills that can bring a buzz to your podcast technique and more followers too.

You can contact Jessica via her website