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How To Podcast – Ray Kanoon Explains

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How To Podcast – Converting Podcasts To Cash

Angela interviews RAY KANOON  Podcast Specialist and Educator

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How to podcast, find out how. Ray Kanoon is known as the podcast guy, the man who has made podcasts convert into sales. He is the man behind some of the most popular podcast shows, helping people increase their listenership, leads and sales by creating the best podcasts, live and pre-recorded, and to use online podcasts to improve exposure and followers while growing authority online. Some of the people Ray has coached over the past 3 years have gone to build multi million dollar online businesses. Ray now excites audiences around the world through a variety of podcast shows such as The Property Investing Show, the Social Media Traffic Show, the Video Marketing Show and the Big Fat Marketing show. He now turns his attention here to how to podcast.

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In the Podcast Revolution, Ray goes into great detail about the advantages of using podcasting to increase your business exposure, build your brand and take your business to the next level.  He has examined the market and knows the very best ways of using podcast exposure to develop your business and marketing program, increase product sales, market your products to new target groups, grow your business and improve your ranking.  He shows just how easy it can be to record a podcast, put it up on iTunes, YouTube and get people to sign up for your online podcasts. Create audio and video podcasts and get them listed amongst the top podcasts and take your podcast show to the next level.

In this podcast interview Ray is going to be answering some of the following questions:

  1. What is a podcast?
  2. Who and what kinds of people can create a show
  3. What is the benefit of running a show through GoToWebinar?
  4. How do you get traffic from podcasts?
  5. What is better, live or pre-recorded shows?
  6. How can you monetize a podcast?

Don’t forget to tune in and enjoy Ray’s great content!

Web Based Appointment Systems. Jason Levy asks, “Do they work?”

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Web based appointment systems.  Jason Levy asks, “Do they work?”

Do web based appointment systems work online? In this session, Jason talks about his experiences in adding an appointment system to his website in order to save his valuable telephone time and to be able to use time saved to get on with his mission to help his patients with their hearing loss and in delivering exceptional and new tinnitus therapy equipment and treatment.

What has this got to do with your business, you might be asking?  Well, Jason has found through his research that it certainly has made a difference to his business, and he adds that there are many kinds of online business appointments systems which are suitable, not only for online booking of medical appointments, but also for therapy sessions, trade appointments, or salon and spa appointments, hair and beauty appointment systems, and for web based schedulers including resource schedulers of many kinds.

Any kind of web based scheduling, customer appointment manager or appointment booking systems can bring rewards as long as you know the benefits and pitfalls before you start.

The benefits can be numerous, but most importantly it is the time invested in getting the initial setup right at the very beginning of the process and knowing what alternative ways of handling the in-flow of information that are out there  that will bring the rewards, which include less time hanging around for the phone to ring and more time to spend on delivering your valuable service to your customers, clients or patients.

Jason talks quite candidly about his experiences, and he gives plenty of information during this session that will help those attending to discover ways that they can save time, energy and money at the set up stage, and how they can streamline their system to deliver a better service.

Tune in now!

About Jason Levy 


Jason Levy RHAD CTP HPD MNCH (Reg) is an Audiologist, Certified Tinnitus Practitioner, HCPC Registered Hearing Aid Dispenser and CNHC Registered Hypnotherapist.

Following a partial loss of hearing since childhood and acquiring tinnitus as an adult, he has been actively involved in treating hearing loss and tinnitus since 2003.. Combining evidence-based Conventional and Complimentary Healthcare techniques, he aims to create a new perspective on tinnitus treatment. In addition to treating tinnitus, Jason is trained in the latest and most up to date digital hearing aids, as well as advanced deep impression techniques for invisible hearing aids such as   the Starkey Soundlens.

Jason has been involved with the Internet since 1992, and has built web servers and applications, as well as running a mail order computer component business. Now Jason concentrates on seeing clients and writing about tinnitus and hearing loss, as well as advocacy for those with hearing loss and those who are victims of modern slavery, while outsourcing website tasks and social media management.

Today, Jason is talking to me about how he dealt with creating an appointments system for his website set up and other important tasks that help him run and grow his business.